Monday, 10th August 2020,12:32:08am

Housing + Urbanity Symposium (H+U2019) "Icon"

Dear PAM Member,

This year’s Housing and Urbanity Symposium theme is ‘Icon’. Here we will explore those distinctive concepts and ideals that have inspired leaders, city managers and practitioners in shaping their cities and communities.

Icons are aspirations manifested. Beacons of materialised hope, they are the signposts to guide our endeavours towards better cities and urban living. From Seoul’s aspirations and transformation of dream future cities to Georgetown’s celebration of history, culture and conservation. From the compact urbanity of bustling Hong Kong to the generous civility of Bukit Bandaraya communities. From Singapore’s realisation of a national identity to our own dreams for a New Malaysia. Distinctive ideals and aspirations have moved societies and shaped these cities.

What symbols and aspirations have guided us so far? And what new meanings must we glean from them for the future? Join us at the Housing and Urbanity Symposium 2019 on 5 October 2019 and let us discover together.

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