Wednesday, 27th May 2020,11:26:56pm

CPD Seminar Notes

Vacant Possession for Stratified Development

Author/Speakers: Datuk Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail & Sr. Leong Heng Chee
Date of Issue/Seminar: 07th March 2020, Saturday

To infinity and beyond? (Adjudication : Faster, cheaper & better? or a meaningless remedy?)

Author/Speakers: Ar. David Cheah Ming Yew & Dr. S. Nadarajah
Date of Issue/Seminar: 29th February 2020, Saturday

Leadership In Design + A Hotel’s Acoustics Design Influences Its Productivity and Constructability while Impacting Sustainability, Revenue & Profitability

Author/Speakers: Ar. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain & Mr. Peter Wood
Date of Issue/Seminar: 22nd February 2020, Saturday

An Architecture of Pluralism

Author/Speakers: Ms. Shefali Balwani & Mr. Robert Verrijt
Date of Issue/Seminar: 12th February 2020, Wednesday

Housing For Marginalised Communities

Author/Speaker: Mr. John-Son Oei &Ms. Rachel Lee
Date of Issue/Seminar: 5th February 2020, Wednesday

Architecture in the Era of the Fourth Industry Revolution

Author/Speaker: Mr. James Lai
Date of Issue/Seminar: 11th May 2019, Saturday