Thursday, 21st January 2021,12:07:08am

PAM Practice Bureau

Dear PAM Members,

Practice Bureau is a PAM Members digital platform to enable Practice-related and considered queries and/or questions to be fielded and responded by a select panel of PPC committee members.

We hope that through this facility PPC will be able to compile and categorize the vast amount of practice-related data into useful Practice Notes & FAQs for the dissemination to all PAM Members.

Over time, it is contemplated practice-related notes, advisory and information gathered through these platforms can be easily retrievable by the click of the button on your mobile PAM App. A mirror platform termed - PAM Public Bureau will be launched to serve the public & community in January 2021 to complement the existing PAM Meet-The-Public-Sessions.

The success of these platforms is highly dependent on the commitment and dedication of our select panel of PPC members, and it is for this reason, we welcome our experienced practitioners to come in.

PAM Practice Bureau